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It��s raining
It��s raining, it��s raining. Sitting quietly in front of the window, watching the raindrops fall from the eaves. A gust of wind rushed in, with a cool, heart is an unprecedented calm, without a trace of impetuous sunny, busy, is a little tired. There are too many things to deal with Carton Of Cigarettes, too many things need to be considered, and people tend to be in these calculations, losing their initial heart and not being pure. And the rain, it is a good medicine for the soul, tired, tired, listen to the crisp sound of the rain hitting the window, washing away the ash that has been covered in the soul. "If you know whether it is, you should be green, fat and thin." This is the survival rule of nature. If it can withstand the baptism of the wind and rain Cheap Cigarettes, it is the strong. Under the baptism of the rain, the soul removes the full of boredom and anxiety, leaving only new hope and courage. Some people have said that on a rainy day, the mood is naturally heavy. It��s so wet everywhere, it��s not convenient to go anywhere. Someone once complained that on rainy days, everything is prone to mold, clothes can't be done, shoes are dirty, and it's too uncomfortable. So why not look at it from a different angle. On a rainy day, you can have a lot of free time, you can relax Online Cigarettes, no longer have a daily busy, you can take a look at the novels and movies that you have long wanted to see but never have time to read in your room. Grab a handful of melon seeds on the sofa and chat with friends Cigarettes For Sale. You can also take an umbrella to walk around Marlboro Cigarettes, quietly enjoy the beautiful scenery that you have never had time to enjoy, and appreciate the different beauty in this living environment. Listen to the crunchy sound of the rain on the umbrella, listen to the dull sound of the rain falling on the ground, look at the new look of the trees washed by the rain, feel the different fresh taste in the air, and have a lyric saying: "The most beautiful thing is not the rainy day. It is the eaves that have been hiding from the rain with you." Together with the rain under the armpit, listening to the sound of rain dripping from the eaves, the heart could not help but calm down. After many years, it was still beautiful. And that good, is it the sound of the rain hitting the bottom of my heart, or the one who is hiding from the rain with you? Or, it is a memory that comes with listening to the rain with people who hide from the rain. This situation, this person, is indispensable, pure, precious. ��Drip water is as oily�� is its true portrayal. In places where there is little rain or even no rain, countless people are cheering for a rain, and countless people are rushing for a drop of water. Rain is raging. Every year, floods occur in many places. People��s houses are flooded, people��s things are washed away by floods, and people are displaced by floods. The rain is also petty, the rain falls on a flower, and the flowers are more beautiful. The rain floated on a leaf and the leaves washed more green. Falling in the plains, it is like a crystal dew. Sprinkled on the hills, as if a thin layer of gauze was approved, and there was a stage of rain everywhere. Rain is diverse, tender, violent, mischievous, cold... different rain, different results, different moods, good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts, and Go to the rain together. In the rain, listen to the whispers of flowers, the tenderness of the wind, the hardship of the wood, and the confession of writing snow.

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