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This article i
This article is actually just a post-reading sensation. It is derived from a simple story yesterday. Mr. Hu Shi��s classic work was published. I know that in the real world, few people will talk about individualism in a bright and honest way Online Cigarettes. They can say that people are not for themselves. Those who are desperately destroyed do not know how much courage they spend. Most of them are collectively Doctrine, in my opinion, this is a dialectical and unified relationship. Individualism is inseparable from collectivism. The development of society has brought our connection closer. Individuals can only rely on the collective to produce endless power. It is also possible to achieve long-term survival and development in this society. Of course, there are also individuals who are separated from the collective and come out solo. However, behind every successful individual, there must be an indestructible group that promotes his progress and development in the hands of the stars. The individual who shines alone is Hard to build. Obviously, we also all recognize that each individual is independent and has an independent outlook on life and values. It is precisely because of this that the collective becomes more perfect. It is true that individualism can be talked about, and it is necessary to talk about what you want to have. What kind of life is the key to what kind of life attitude you have, this is the most direct truth that Mr. Hu Shi conveyed to us through the article "Slightly talk about life." In a nutshell, attitude determines life Newport Cigarettes. As Mr. Hu Shi said, many people think that individualism is a savage beast, it is terrible, but if you don��t do it for yourself, how will this be the concept that I once expressed in "Live, just want to do one thing", Just want to do one thing alive, that is to make yourself live better. You can't expect to help children in the mountains when they are still filling their stomachs and can't afford to wear decent clothes. Let them be well educated and live a happy life like us. I think you should not be that great. In the same way, if we ourselves have a bad life, why do we have the ability to give others financial and material help? Just like a leader, he must have done some things in some aspects, or make achievements. Otherwise, how will he lead his team to move forward and contribute to the company? If you think that his subordinates will be convinced on the surface, the heart will also make a different voice. This is why we have to be the root cause for ourselves. It is not that I have to be more selfish, but I want to Let yourself be how good it is. Of course, I advocate advocacy and people are alive. I must make myself live comfortably. Ibsen wrote to his friend: "The only thing I hope for you is a word Marlboro Lights. I hope you can be true. Purely for me, you sometimes feel that the world is only the most important thing for yourself. Others are not thinking about it. The best way to benefit the society is to cast your own material into a device." I agree very much. In my self-contained concept, I clearly understand that I am an ordinary person, an ordinary person, as long as he can support himself with his own hands, he can reassure his family and bring happiness and hope to them. I can solve problems for my friends around me. When I have something unpleasant in my heart, I can remember me and tell me that I hope to get my comfort and help. I feel that my existence is a very meaningful thing. When a person is in the first place, he should be for himself, and when he is spared for himself, he will go to others for others, and he must not be someone else. Life exists for the pursuit of happiness and happiness. In my life, which is not enough for outsiders, I always hold a philosophy that work exists for survival, and interest is for a better life. If one day, the first boundary is crossed, the work interest is to be more Living well, then I will realize true freedom - the economy and the soul at the same time achieve independence mokingusacigarettes.com, and for the early arrival of this day, on the road to self has never easily stopped life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness, this is the United States The three things mentioned in the Declaration of Independence, life, we all have, at least for now, when you see this article, there is real existence; freedom, what many people dream of, in school, is We are shaping the initial stage of personality. We are bound by schools, families, and society. Most of our standards are only some cold scores. We are not free. We are not free. When we go out of school Parliament Cigarettes, we are here. In society, when we truly exert our ambitions and realize our ideals, we find that this society is so realistic, not like the teacher in the school said. If you study hard, you will have a good future. At this time, the standard of measuring your excellence is income, position, and even some complicated social circles. You have to be separated from the workplace and the family. Going back and forth, at this time, we become completely free. To get true freedom, there is only one way to make ourselves better and more independent. Only when the economy and the soul are independent, can you obtain relative, true freedom. Note that absolute freedom does not exist in this world. This is mostly achieved by myself. In addition, almost no one can fundamentally help you to pursue happiness, but it is the simplest thing. My happiness is very low and low. Sometimes a bookmark can make me happy for a long time. A cake surprise can make me feel touched for a long time. A bunch of roses can make me appreciate for a long time. A joke can make me relish for a long time, an appreciation. It makes me feel that what I deserve today is a happy thing. I think this is happiness. It is simply a concern, a greeting, a meal... This is happiness, an irreplaceable happiness. Therefore, my dear friends, in the years that you can be your own, don��t give up your rights for yourself, keep your own mentality, and let yourself develop in the direction you want to be. You will be better and better. Excellent to no substitute, at that time, you can completely let go of your fists and cast your lifelong ambitions, I believe, at that time, you will understand that some things must be for themselves, only so Can be a person, can share, can learn from, but can not be copied.
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