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Because I live in
Because I live in a small town, I often encounter friends who have eaten in our family during my teenage years. Some of them have become veritable government officials, and some have already become the ranks of bosses and have entered the crowd envied by many people. When I met, I always said the scene of eating at that time. It was very happy. I was unforgettable in my life. When I met again at home, I was rich and poor. I ate mostly coarse grains. More is the grain and rice, the golden baggage is wrapped in a small amount of rice, others eat very fragrant, but I ate tears. Because friends are far away from home, they eat the taste of home Online Cigarettes, is warm, sweet, is the memory between loved ones; and I eat hunger, eat rice, is life, hard food is difficult to swallow. I remember eating noodle soup once. Because I have eaten whole grains for a long time, I don��t like to eat whole grains. I can��t swallow a piece of noodle soup for a long time. The father always smiled and said: In the past, some people ate very slowly. When they were blind, they ate very slowly because of eating rice noodles. The blind date was not successful again and again. My father is worried that you have to eat quickly, or you will talk about your wife in the future. After the father��s words are finished, I am already full of tears, a child��s hatred for a poor life and a yearning for a better life. I am not worried about only talking about my wife, but I am worried that my life of eating noodle soup is still very long.
A group of friends were eating at home. At that time, there was very little food. It was just ripe, and my grandmother made a pot of rice, and the rice was really fragrant. Although it was a miscellaneous grain, when we all ate very delicious. Grandma's craftsmanship is indeed superb, and the miscellaneous grains are made delicious and delicious. A large pot of rice is instantly wiped out by everyone and stays in everyone's memory Marlboro Gold. It also won the recognition and coveted by the picky little mouth that I always hate to eat miscellaneous grains Wholesale Cigarettes. Three feet. Every time I eat a risotto at the restaurant, I feel that compared with my grandmother, I still have to keep learning the food shortage at that time, the food is also scarce, and the radish is small leafy, the grandmother will pickle the radish pole and leaves. The dish, the pepper, although delicious, was not very popular at the time, and mistakenly thought it was a symbol of poverty. After arriving in the county seat, I saw that people in the city also had the habit of eating radish vegetables and pickled radish leaves mokingusacigarettes.com. I realized that because of the poor mentality, we missed the grandmother's food and denied the grandmother's food. After waiting for work, I begged my grandmother to give us another meal. Grandma said: "Life is good, you can't eat meat, you can eat that." Today, Grandma left us, Grandma's craftsmanship and food only stayed in The life we ??have been reluctant to recall is because we have missed the food in our life because of the long-term poverty Marlboro Cigarettes. Because the poverty mentality makes us marry the grandmother's food, the grandmother's food is the taste of the home, and it is also the optimistic taste of poor life. The taste of the home is the taste of the soul, there is no taste of peace of mind, it is difficult to taste the home.
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